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I am dreaming of a world where everyone believes that they are capable of shaping their future and that you can create opportunities for yourself.

Something I learnt when I was a child, from my parents who told me: “Evy, if you want something, you have to go for it". Words that shaped my life.

When I was travelling in Senegal a few years ago, these words took on an even broader meaning. It was then I realized that not everyone gets the same opportunities, let alone seize them. I have been supporting Mind Surge Plan International ever since, so as to be able to give girls in other parts of the world the chance to develop and grow.

I want to do precisely the very same thing on this part of the world: help people and companies seize ‘those opportunities’ so that they create a valuable impact on society.

That’s why I do what I do.

Market research is about creating opportunities, question after question, answer after answer.

Letting the respondents know what they contributed to is pretty important to me. I want them to experience what their answers have led to;   to be proud because they used their voice to create something the world was waiting for.

This means that I continue to follow my clients, that keep track of what innovations they put into the market myself, and then inform my respondents of the added value they delivered.

Working with Mind Surge means empowering people.
It means creating opportunities jointly with your target group.

It means going for it and making a positive impact on the world.