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Increasing your chances of success

95% of new products, services or concepts launched on the market do not make it. They nonetheless often include wonderful gems that could have made the world a better place. We find that extremely unfortunate.

Things went awry somewhere along the way.

  • Hypotheses were not tested.
  • Concepts were not tested.
  • The developed product or service did not achieve a product-market fit.
  • The budget inevitably ran out.
  • A new investment was not found.

The gem remained a rough diamond.

Evy from Mind Surge wants to change all that so that everyone gets the chance to polish their rough diamonds.

So, no matter what your question is, we recruit the respondents you need to test your hypotheses.

Mind Surge provides solutions for:

Companies, service and product designers, product owners and for anyone who wants to conduct market studies

Entrepreneurs, adults and children eager to shape the future and be compensated for doing so.

We'd love to help you:

Our core activity consists of finding the right respondents for your market research and surveys. We discuss every research question together to get the best possible idea of the selection criteria, your objectives, deadlines and other expectations.  Evy or one of her colleagues will then start doing what they love most: finding the respondents who have your answers.

We also cover:


Do you need moderation for your focus groups or interviews?

We work together with the best moderators in Belgium.


We have access to several meeting rooms in Flanders (Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels), all of which are equipped with streaming and recording equipment. So it is also perfectly possible to follow your market research from your office or home.

Mobile camera system

Would you rather conduct your market research on location, e.g. at your office, in a warehouse, shop or elsewhere? Inquire about our mobile camera system.

These sectors already got answers to their questions


Energy sector

Banks and insurance



Product and service design

Medical sector


Where can you find us?

Would you like to use the meeting rooms Mind Surge has to offer? If so, you can visit our offices in Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels.

All locations are easily accessible by car and public transport, which is ideal for you and your respondents.
We have more than 20 meeting rooms, all fitted with recording and streaming equipment. In addition, there are covered bicycle parking facilities and (underground) car parks, some of which are equipped with charging stations.

Mechelsesteenweg 180
2018 Antwerp

Oktrooiplein 1
9000 Ghent